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🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟
🌴 Summer Joy! Unveil 50% Savings in Our Seasonal Sale! 🌞🎁🌟


Kid-Friendly Portable Urinal


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  • 🐸 Turns potty training into an exciting leap of fun for your child.
  • 🧼 Extra removable insert makes it hygienic and hassle-free to clean.
  • 🚗 Portable design with super suction cup ensures a secure potty solution.
☀️ Summer Sale - Save 40% ☀️ Summer Sale - Save 40%
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Transform the often-tearful potty training journey into a joy-filled adventure with Froglet, the irresistibly cute, easy-to-clean portable urinal that promises to make toilet training an engaging experience for your toddler while giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

From Messy Diapers to Easy Clean-Up: Simplify Potty Training Today

Why wrestle with messy diapers when Froglet can keep things neat and tidy? Our urinal comes with an easy-to-remove insert, making clean-up a breeze. Just snap it out, rinse it off, and you’re good to go. And when it comes to installation, a quick suction cup action has it securely in place.

Keep Them Engaged with Every Spin

That little spinning wheel in the center? It's not just for show. It's a brilliant attention-grabber, ensuring your little one stays focused and entertained right where they should – making potty training fun and fuss-free.


  • Frog-Inspired Design
  • Easy-to-Remove Insert for Hassle-Free Clean-Ups
  • Strong Suction Base
  • Adjustable Height
  • No Overflows
  • Rotating Windmill
  • Age Recommendations: 2-5+ Years
  • For sizing see product picture
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